Bubble Action Pumps Ltd.

Solar and Woodburning Bubble Pump Installation

SOL-Perpetua™ Solar Water Heating System Installation Instructions and Operating Manual For Series "A" Pumps


SOL Perpetua™ is the name we have given our unique, passive solar water heating system. The heart of the system is a bubble pump which, instead of using electricity like ordinary pumps, is activated by heat to circulate the working fluid from the solar collector to the heat exchanger at the storage tank located at a lower level. Usually the water being heated is potable water but it can also be the water of a space'heating system or the water in a swimming pool.

The bubble pump was developed in Canada by Bubble Action Pumps Ltd. (BAPL) with financial assistance from various government agencies. It is a circulating pump, not a pump to lift water out of the ground. It circulates water in a closed system of piping by using rising vapour bubbles produced when the water boils. All air has been expelled from the water so that it boils at a reduced temperature. In frost prone climates non-toxic antifreeze is added to prevent the water from freezing.



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