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Solar and Woodburning Bubble Pump Installation

SOL-Perpetua™ Solar Water Heating System Installation Instructions and Operating Manual For Series "A" Pumps

Receiving Your SOL Perpetua™ System

For deliveries in Canada and the U.S.A. our prices include shipping and customs expenses. Do not accept you shipment if it is obviouly damaged. If your shipment is damaged but accepted in error or if there is internal damage that could not be detected at time of delivery, phone the Claim Department of the carrier as soon as possible. They will send an inspector who will give you a claim form to fill out. Also, please advise us by phone.

Pull out the bubble pump and look at the gauge on it. Record the position of the needle and the date. If you live near sea level, it should read the same as the notation made about the pressure when it was shipped. If it reads less by " mercury (Hg.) or more, phone BAPL and tell us your altitude so that we can assess if the pump is leaking. If it is, we will replace it with a new pump. For each 305 m (1,000 ft.) of altitude the gauge will read about 1" Hg. less than it does at sea level.



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