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SOL-Perpetua™ Solar Water Heating System Installation Instructions and Operating Manual For Series "A" Pumps

Components of a SOL Perpetua™ System - Tank Entry Pipe

When the energy coming into the system is at a high level, the working fluid temperature will be hot and the water entering the top of the tank will be 50 C (122 F) or hotter. On a hazy day and at the beginning and end of the day the fluid temperature tends to be lower. At these times the system can heat a greater volume of water below 50 C by the use of a special Tank Entry Pipe (TEP).

The TEP is installed vertically through a top entry port of the storage tank. The TEP is a short length of pipe with a series of holes in its wall which permits heated water of varying temperature to enter the tank at the level in the tank where the water temperature is the same. For example, if the water at the top of the tank is 50 C because of an electric heater set to come on when the water temperature at the thermostat drops below 50 C, and the water rising from the heat exchanger is 45 C, this less warm water will travel down the TEP to the level in the tank where the water temperature is 45 C. At this level the density of the incoming water is the same as the water already in the tank. The incoming water exits the holes in the wall of the TEP and joins the water in the tank at this level thereby avoiding destratifying the tank.



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