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Solar and Woodburning Bubble Pump Installation

SOL-Perpetua™ Solar Water Heating System Installation Instructions and Operating Manual For Series "A" Pumps

SOL Perpetua™ System Maintenance - Fluid pH Level

After five years of operation we suggest you check the Ph of the working fluid, that is, check it for acidity. A Ph of 7 is neutral. A Ph of less than 7 is acid and a Ph greater than 7 is alkaline. For copper piping the ideal Ph is 8. Dipotassium phosphate is added to propylene glycol used in solar water heating systems to give it an initial alkalinity of 9 in the expectation that time and high temperature will produce a little acid that needs to be neutralized. If for any reason there is a malfunction of your system causing the fluid to be hotter than usual, the tendency to develop acidity will be greater. You should check for acidity if there has been a malfunction.

Litmus paper is the standard way to test a fluid for acidity so a supply of paper is included with the Module. If you lose your paper try your druggist or write to us including a self-addressed envelope. If you are outside Canada, do not place postage of your own country on the envelope as it would be wasted.

If your fluid appears to have a Ph of less than 7 see TROUBLESHOOTING.

Obtain the few drops of fluid you need for testing purposes by pumping at the hand pump. Alternatively, you can gently loosen the drain plug at the heat exchanger, preferably when the system is hot. (When the bubble pump is less than two full storeys above the drain cock this may not be possible except on a sunny day.) If air is sucked in instead of fluid coming out you'll have to let in more air until it stops and fluid does come out. Pumping action will probably stop until the air that was admitted has been removed by operating the hand pump.



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