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SOL-Perpetua™ Solar Water Heating System Installation Instructions and Operating Manual For Series "A" Pumps

SOL Perpetua™ System Troubleshooting - Leaks

Leaks are common enough in any plumbing system. Usually they need to be fixed, sometimes they correct themselves, sometimes they go unnoticed for years. In a SOL Perpetua™ system, however the tiniest leak will cause the system to malfunction.

You may have a leak if, after the system has been running and been properly purged of air, the pressure gauge reads less than 25 when the system is cold. If it reads around 20 it may still work but it will not start as soon as it should in the morning and it will stop before it should in the afternoon. Efficiency is therefore lowered. Increase the vacuum with the hand pump (more easily done when the system is hot) and observe the gauge after a day. If the pressure increases, that is, if the gauge reads a lower figure, you have a leak.

Possibly the leak is so serious that the system has become hot enough during the day to lose fluid out through the pressure relief valve at the heat exchanger. If at the pressure relief valve you have installed a short length of hose terminating it in a container, you will be able to see if there has been a loss of fluid. Refer to LOSS OF FLUID.

A leak can be virtually anywhere such as:

  • A fitting such as an elbow where there is a void in the solder or the fitting is not pushed onto the pipe sufficiently. Try again.
  • A cast brass valve can have a crack. Replace it.
  • There is debris on the bearing surface of a valve. The drain cock is especially prone to this because debris passes through it when the system is flushed out. Replace washer.



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