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SOL-Perpetua™ Solar Water Heating System Installation Instructions and Operating Manual For Series "A" Pumps

SOL Perpetua™ System Troubleshooting - Loss of Fluid

Fluid loss is most often the result of an air leak which causes the pumping action to slow down or stop altogether. If the sun is shining and there is insufficient circulation through the system, the fluid in the panel heats up until the pressure rises sufficiently to allow fluid to come out at the pressure relief valve on the heat exchanger. With strong sunshine this will continue until the panel is largely empty of fluid.

If you notice that the pump appears empty and inactive on a sunny day or you notice that the pipe leading potable water from the heat exchanger into the top of the storage tank is cool at a time of day when it normally is hot, inspect the overflow receptacle at the pressure relief valve at the heat exchanger to see if fluid has been ejected. The problem is probable a leak in the system. This is a good time to inspect the fluid in the overflow receptacle. If the fluid is dark in colour, drain the rest of the fluid from the panel. Do the same at the drain cock under the heat exchanger. If the fluid is only slightly dorker than fresh fluid, check it for Ph (see maintenance, Fluid Ph) and change it if necessary.

After you have found and fixed the leak (see leaks) you will need to refill the system to the correct level (see installation - Filling the System). In frost prone climates be sure to use the correct proportions of distilled water to propylene glycol.

If you are in a frost free area and are using no propylene glycol, you should still check the pH occasionally. Use distilled water to top up the system.



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