Bubble Action Pumps Ltd.
Diagram of a SOL Perpetua System
Schematic of the
SOL Perpetua™ System
  1. The Bubble Pump
  2. Solar Collector Panels
  3. The Heat Exchanger Module
  4. Working Fluid
  5. Anti-Scald Valve
  6. Hot Water Tank
  7. Piping & Insulation
  8. Cold Water Inlet
  9. Pressure/Temperature Relief
  10. Valves for Flushing Heat Exchange

How the Sol-Perpetua™ System Works


The Bubble Pump is made only by Bubble Action Pumps Ltd. It is mounted at the top of the collector panels. The pump is made of copper, butyl rubber, and borosilicate (Pyrex type) glass enclosed in acrylic plastic such as skylights are made of. The lower part is made of light stable grey PVC. A hand pump for creating the initial vacuum, a vacuum gauge and a pressure relief valve come with the pump.

The driving force of the bubble pump is 20cm (8") of water head. This head can push the heated working fluid down from the collectror panels on a two storey house to the heat exchanger in the basement.

The bubble pump is made in two versions:

  • Model "A" pump is made of copper, butyl rubber and PVC

    The advantage of the Model A pump is that you can see it working. When the sun is shining on the collector panels, the working fluid is lifter into the upper part of the pump by bubbles of vapour. The action is much the same as in a coffee percolator except that it is more vigorous because the system is under a vacumm. The working fluid and bubbles can be seen splashing around in the glass part of the pump. The transparency of the pump gives it less visual impact on the roof. Model A pump can serve a collector panel area of up to 6 sq. meters (64 square feet).

  • Model "B" pump is made of copper except for the exterior casing which is PVC

    Besides being virtually indestructable this model permits pressure testing of the entire system with the pump in place. The Model B pump is available for larger systems and can also be used on boilers connected to wood stoves. We will have data on these applications in the future.



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