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Diagram of a SOL Perpetua System
Schematic of the
SOL Perpetua™ System
  1. The Bubble Pump
  2. Solar Collector Panels
  3. The Heat Exchanger Module
  4. Working Fluid
  5. Anti-Scald Valve
  6. Hot Water Tank
  7. Piping & Insulation
  8. Cold Water Inlet
  9. Pressure/Temperature Relief
  10. Valves for Flushing Heat Exchange

How the Sol-Perpetua™ System Works


The heat exchanger module is made by us to suit the area of the collector panels. Included in the heat exchanger module is an air heater which helps prevent overheating of the water when occupants of the house are away and no water is being used. The added heat in your basement will help prevent dampness and mold from destroying your valuables and irritating people who are allergic to molds. You can connect a duct from the module to your heating and cooling system to have free heating on cool nights or you can turn a damper to discharge excess heat outdoors when you are away.

The heat exchanger used is a double wall copper tube type, to meet the most stringent code requirements. The casing has a 100mm (4") diameter duct connection. The module comes with drain valves, isolating valves on potable water side and valves that allow descaling of the potable water side of the heat exchanger.

We also sell a lower cost double wall copper tube heat exchanger which fits underneath the hot water tank.



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