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Diagram of a SOL Perpetua System
Schematic of the
SOL Perpetua™ System
  1. The Bubble Pump
  2. Solar Collector Panels
  3. The Heat Exchanger Module
  4. Working Fluid
  5. Anti-Scald Valve
  6. Hot Water Tank
  7. Piping & Insulation
  8. Cold Water Inlet
  9. Pressure/Temperature Relief
  10. Valves for Flushing Heat Exchange

How the Sol-Perpetua™ System Works


All piping must be copper with soldered fittings. The riser and downcomer are 12mm (1/2 inch) o.d. copper tubing. For a one storey house they can be 9mm (3/8 inch) o.d. Insulation on the hot downcomer must be rated for 110 C (230 F) temperature.

Six square meters (64 square feet) of collectors will produce about 300 litres (80 US gallons) of 50 C (123 F) water on a sunny day.

The residential pump and heat exchanger module are sized to handle 6 sq. meters (64 square feet) of collector panels. We also make a larger pump for commercial applications and for space heating using wood and gas appliances.

We shall be installing a system using cross linked polyethelene with an aluminum tube sandwiched in the middle. Check back to find out how it works out.



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