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Diagram of a SOL Perpetua System
Schematic of the
SOL Perpetua™ System
  1. The Bubble Pump
  2. Solar Collector Panels
  3. The Heat Exchanger Module
  4. Working Fluid
  5. Anti-Scald Valve
  6. Hot Water Tank
  7. Piping & Insulation
  8. Cold Water Inlet
  9. Pressure/Temperature Relief
  10. Valves for Flushing Heat Exchange

A Diagram of the SOL Perpetua™ System

SOL Perpetua™ is the name we have given our unique, passive solar water heating system.  The heart of the system is a bubble pump which, instead of using electricity like ordinary pumps, is activated by heat to circulate a working fluid from the solar collector to the heat exchanger at the storage tank located at a lower level.  Usually the water being heated is potable water but it can also be the water of a space heating system or the water in a swimming pool.

The Bubble Pump was developed in Canada by Bubble Action Pumps Ltd. (BAPL) with financial assistance from various government agencies.  It is a circulating pump, not a pump to lift water out of the ground.  It circulates the working fluid in a closed system of piping by using rising vapour bubbles produced when the water in the working fluid boils. All air has been expelled from the water and the system is under vacuum so that it boils at a reduced temperature.  In frost prone climates non-toxic antifreeze is added to prevent the water from freezing.

On account of the bubble pump, the SOL Perpetua™ system has these advantages over other solar water heating systems:

  • The SOL Perpetua™ system is passive even though it acts like an active system

    The power required for the pumping action is derived from the heat source, i.e. the sun.  Even this energy is returned to the system as thermal energy due to friction.

  • The SOL Perpetua™ system is self-controlling

    Because the sun powers the bubble pump, pumping action stops at night or when the sun's heat is blocked by clouds or trees. The stronger the sunshine, the faster it pumps.

  • The SOL Perpetua™ system has no moving parts

    Only the working fluid moves. There is no motor, mechanical pump, electronic controller, temperature sensors, wiring, expansion or draindown tank, or operating valves.

  • A SOL Perpetua™ system does not overheat the working fluid

    When the storage tank is full of hot water, a space heater-drier cools the working fluid and prevents damage to the antifreeze in it. Corrosion caused by a working fluid that has become acidic due to overheating is thereby avoided.

  • The SOL Perpetua™ system is simple

    Compare the schematic with any electrically pumped system. Simplicity means lower initial cost and long, trouble free service.

  • A SOL Perpetua™ system will save you money

    A SOL Perpetua™ system will repay its cost more quickly than other freezeproof systems because of its lower maintenance cost and because it uses no electrical energy.

  • A SOL Perpetua™ system helps you preserve the environment

    Solar energy is the cleanest energy source we have. Solar energy can displace the production of millions of tons of polluting gases of combustion and the stockpiling of dangerous nuclear waste materials.

  • A SOL Perpetua™ system is transparent

    You can see at a glance if it is working. You can call us if it's not working when it should be. With other systems you don't know if they are working or not.

  • A SOL Perpetua™ gives you independence

    Whatever happens to the power grid, you can have heat. If your water supply is not interrupted you can have hot water. If the water supply is interrupted, you can receive space heating from the space heater-drier. It may not keep your entire house warm but it might be enough to prevent water piping from freezing.

  • A SOL Perpetua™ system gives you status

    A solar water heating system tells your friends that you care for the environment.

    Being an owner of leading edge technology such as SOL Perpetua™ identifies you as a knowledgeable sophisticated buyer.

and finally ...

  You will find that a bath or shower in SOL Perpetua™ heated water feels better.



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