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SOL Perpetua™ Prices

At present we sell two sizes of pump:

  1. the large pump as shown in the video of the 8 bay car wash on Bath Road, Kingston, Ontario Canada:- 1000USD. This pump can deliver the equivalent of 30Kw of energy to a heat exchanger at your water storage tank which is the peak output of 360 evacuated tubes 1800m long or of 12 flat plate collectors each measuring 1220mm x 2440mm (4' x 8')
  2. the small pump as shown on the canteen of the municipal park at Madoc, Ontario, Canada:- 500USD. This pump will serve 60 evacuated tubes 1800mm long or two 4' x 8' flat plate collectors

Each pump comes with a copper hand operated vacuum pump 32mm x 533mm (1 1/4" x 21") long which is used to extract air from the system at start-up.

If you wish to help in our start-up of prodution and take advantage of a discount look at http://fundrazr.com/campaigns/7PBhe.

Installation on Laundry Roof

Installation on Laundry Roof



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