A Pump Suitable for a House

Solar Water Heating Services by

Bubble Action Pumps Ltd.

We are pleased to give advice if you email us at BubbleActionPumps@cogeco.ca. Should you buy a solar water heating system? Where should the panels go? How large a system? What about overheating?

Help us to help you get the information you need to order the solar water heating system that is best for your house by answering these questions:

  • How many people normally live in your house?
  • How do you heat your water now? Electricity, natural gas, propane, oil, or wood?
  • Where do you expect to locate the collector panel(s)? Roof, south facing wall, or ground mounted?
  • A photo of your house would be most helpful (email if possible).
  • If you cannot email or mail a photo and the panels are to go on the roof, is your house one storey, two storeys, or more?
  • Will the solar heated water tank be in the basement, ground floor, or ?
  • How close to facing directly south is your roof? If you have only east and west facing roofs, see our website for one solution.
  • What is the approximate slope of your roof?
  • What is the approximate vertical distance between panel(s) and tank?
  • Does a certain amount of space heating figure in your plans?
  • Have you chosen a contractor to install the system or will you install the system yourself?
  • How did you hear about Bubble Action Pumps Ltd?
  • Is your water relatively hard or soft?
  • What is your geographic location?
  • Is there more information you believe we should know?

For a commercial or institutional project we can design a system suited to the hot water, pool and space heating requirement. Plans and photos of the building would be required. Using the Retscreen program we can estimate the probable energy savings taking into account the cost to you of your back-up energy. A site visit might also be necessary and possible depending on location and size of project.

Subsidies for solar water heating systems are in place in many jurisdictions. Readers are invited to send us information about subsidies in other jurisdictions.